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Full Week Meal Kit

5 Breakfast ~ 10 Lunch/Dinner ~ 5 Bags of Nuts ~ 5 Energy Bars

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Weekly Lunch/Dinner Meal Kit

5 Lunch ~ 5 Dinner

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Complete One Day Meal Kit

1 Breakfast ~ 1 Lunch ~ 1 Dinner ~ 1 Bag of Nuts ~ 2 Energy Bars

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Organic, No Sugar Added
Prices Starting from $35

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Our Story

From the heart is a natural extension of our lifestyle. We enjoy plant based eating for health and are excited about sharing healthy eating with others. We chose the name “From The Heart” to help us stay committed to the essence of our service.

Our chef, Rebeca, grew up in restaurants. Her mother opened several restaurants throughout Mexico and her grandmother showed her to grow the love for cooking and to share it. Since little, she loved to help out with the food preparation and we she was 17 years of age, she even managed a whole restaurant on her own.

Now, she even has the ability to serve hundreds of people for catering purposes. She has taken several courses about nutrition and plan based meals, and with all the years of experience she's now ready to share and to teach her knowledge. Including the love as well!

Dishes of the Week

Meal Preparation Classes

Class Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: $250
Minimum 3 people

Improve your overall health and learn to meal prep so you can have less stressful mealtimes & connect more around the dinner table. We help you have more vibrant health, save money & feel better about your impact on the environment!

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