"Using from the heart meal prep has been an amazing experience. The food is delicious and it helps me save si much time. I have my own business and it’s hard to keep a healthy lifestyle with my schedule but having the support and help from an amazing chef that care has completely transformed my life. I lost 65 pounds in 18 months. My blood pressure and cholesterol went down within the first 3 weeks and I feel with so much energy."
- RC

"Last Spring, I had the privilege to try Rebeca’s Jars food service. OMG... What a treat... At that time, I was providing full time medical assistance for my fiancé’s very complex medical situation. I am a good cook, and I am a very self-sufficient person proud of not needing help from others. But let me tell you that having the luxury of having fresh and very healthy food in the fridge is heavenly. The greatest thing about it is that there is NO preparation needed. You simply take the jar, eat and keep going with the 2 things that are the most critical about your life: Your health and your time."
- Michel T.

"Rebeca’s From the Heart made a giant difference for our family. When I had to have a surgery, we had jar food delivered. It was an incredible support to be able to open the refrigerator and pull out food that’s not only prepared already, but super healthy and delicious, with great variety. All of our meals were handled with ease, and all of us loved it, including my 13 year old son. It really pulled us through a tough time."
- Elisa

"Eating this food is such a fun experience! The flavors are so delicious. I love the fact that the food is very healthy as well!"
- Josue

"The food is so tasty and flavorful! It makes me feel really good while eating, knowing how healthy and nourishing each dish is :)"
- Samantha

"It's so great how fresh the food tastes! Healthy, fresh, and delicious!"
- Rosy L

"Some of my favorite meals ever. My most joy in eating comes when eating delicious food that I know is healthy for me. From The Heart is both! Also, the uniqueness of the dishes is exciting."
- CP

"Really enjoyed the quinoa oatmeal and rice based dish with the tangy green sauce."
- JW